Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The date

Brettsy was going on a date.

Brett is the kind who likes to keep anything and everything to himself.

When I ask him questions about life he always tells me that he'll just say no to anything I ask.

So naturally, when this occurred, the siblings interrogated him, especially since it was not he who had done the asking.

After we had pulled at him for a substantial amount of time we gleaned this:

Brett was going on a date.

Brett was going on a double date.

The other couple were two of his friends, Tory and the trusty tall-child Sterling.

Brett was attending this date with one, Heather.

Danae: "So do you know her, or is this like a blind date?"

Brett: "Of course I know her, one night I spent four hours on a corner with her!"



Danae: "You did what?...."

Brett, realizing his blunder, mumbles and walks away.


  1. it actually was a group date.....just so you know....

  2. blah blah blah, details, details....


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