Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jay Leno

One night I was watching Selena by myself.

The nightly hour was rather late, Maman came down in her sleeping apparel to fill her water bottle.

She spoke to me concerning my activity.

"What movie are you watching?"


"Oh, that's the one with Jay Leno, right?"

I paused....

I pondered, Was Jay Leno in this movie? I hadn't seen it in a long time and I wasn't even halfway through it yet, so really Jay Leno could be in it...

And then I figured it out.

"Oh, you mean J-Lo?"

"Yeah, J-Lo, Jay Leno... whatever."

Tuesday Night

Sitting down at the table for dinner, Maman, Samuel, Bretticus and myself, began to chat amongst ourselves. We were basically eating on the run, because any minute, dad would be home and we would pile into the car and head out for the show.

Maman and I sat at opposite ends of the table, while Sam stood to the right of me and Brett to my far left.

Maman looked down at her plate and said: "Look at this, we're eating like hobos. No place mats, no table cloth, no napkins... oof."

The siblings just sort of stared at her for a minute....

Sam: "Mom, you realize hobos eat out of like pie tins and cans right?"

Mom continues to refute Samuel's statement. Somewhere along the way, the fact that I say ho-bag a lot comes into play.

Sam turns to me and says, "No one says ho-bag anymore."

Just then Brett snags Sam's water bottle and Sam says:

"Hey, I backwash."

Brett, as he gulps down water: "It's ok, me too."

The date

Brettsy was going on a date.

Brett is the kind who likes to keep anything and everything to himself.

When I ask him questions about life he always tells me that he'll just say no to anything I ask.

So naturally, when this occurred, the siblings interrogated him, especially since it was not he who had done the asking.

After we had pulled at him for a substantial amount of time we gleaned this:

Brett was going on a date.

Brett was going on a double date.

The other couple were two of his friends, Tory and the trusty tall-child Sterling.

Brett was attending this date with one, Heather.

Danae: "So do you know her, or is this like a blind date?"

Brett: "Of course I know her, one night I spent four hours on a corner with her!"



Danae: "You did what?...."

Brett, realizing his blunder, mumbles and walks away.