Saturday, December 10, 2011


I come home to find Brett where I left him: watching The Smurfs on the mac.

It ends (finally), I check my email, open my blog. He reads the picture links.

"What's DFF? Dead Friends Forever? Dumb Friends Forever?"

Yes, Brett... that's exactly what it means.

(p.s. it actually means Desert Folk Flair)

Brett also has this habit. He'll be talking to you, and mind you he's physically incapable (or so it would seem) of finishing a sentence or completing a thought, so it takes about a million years for him to make a point. One gets weary of the effort required to follow his disjointed speech, but he notices your mind wandering and he chooses that moment to say something cheeky:

"He's just a loser."

You only half hear him, and while your brain catches up you say, "What?"

Brett says "What?" shaking his head quickly to throw you off the trail.

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