Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wishing on a star... no wait, a Candle

This past Wednesday it was dear Bretticus' birthday.

I totally bought him a new i-Pod since his kind of sucks. I know, I'm a great sister. What can I say?

As we all gathered around the table, surrounding the delicious cake my mother made, Brett applied candles to the frosted area.

He was thoughtful in this process.

Wondering aloud, "What can I spell with 15 candles?....."

We all sat and stared for a moment.

First of all that's a weird question.

Second of all, Bretty is turning 17.... not fifteen.

He realized this moments after he said it, and then continued to ask what words he could spell with 17 candles.

The candles just ended up in neat little rows on his cake.

Dear Brett,

Happy Birthday and may you always remember how old you are.

Maman, Suzette, Brett

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