Wednesday, November 17, 2010


When Brett got home from school i pestered him in the usual ways and he told me about his day.
He revealed to me his plans for English and i gave my helpful opinion.
Nearing the end of our conversation i began to hum the same small chunk of song over and over.

Me: "Dah! i have this song stuck in my head. It's from one of the mac commercials."

Brett: "Well is it from the Mac comercial or the iPad commercial?"

Me: ".....iPad is Mac...?"

Brett: "Oh heh yeah, you're an idiot,"

Me: "Whaa??"

Brett: " er, I mean, I'm an idiot haha"

Momentary silence....

Brett: "Where are the tissues that were down here?"

Me: "I dunno, I was looking the other day, but I couldn't find them. I really needed them, I was definitely having issues."

Brett: "haha And so you needed tissues for your issues? Heh heh..."

He laughed to himself for a while after that one.
Have you ever heard of a wittier child?

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